About Crossdressing, Gender Crossing, and Gender Rebellion

It is estimated that as many as 8% of all men engage in some form of crossdressing (wearing women’s clothes). They do it for different reasons: relaxation, escape, tactile pleasure, lighthearted fun, and/or self-expression. Most are heterosexual or bisexual, generally happy with their male identity, often alpha types, and remain romantically attracted to women.

For many, crossdressing sessions allow occasional access to a deep part of themselves that’s kept separate from their everyday male exterior. Others may identify as transgender. A few may be curious life explorers, trying M2F transformation a few times for the “bucket list” and then never again.

Regardless of reason, these men find balance, pleasure, insight, and/or personal growth by indulging their feminine side. It can enhance mental and emotional health. It’s fun. It’s liberating. And it’s best enjoyed with an appreciative and supportive friend(s).

Sadly, because most partners and society don’t understand or accept it, crossdressing often becomes a solitary activity lived in secret or online.

But it’s not much fun to get gorgeous alone!

Now you don’t have to.  Make an appointment to dress with Ms. Ava in person if you’re in South Florida, or she’ll work with you by phone, WhatsApp, or Skype.