A devoted advocate for the power of authenticity and sexual self-acceptance, Ms. Ava Durga is the founder of the Blue Belles Meetup Group for cross-dressers and TGs and Creative Sexuality Education Center. She worked with her first cross-dressers in 2001 at the Dominant Divas in Fort Lauderdale, and over the years has discovered both a knack and a passion for helping men release and embrace their repressed feminine energy.

In 2017, noting the lack of options and support for men interested or engaged in gender-crossing, she began seeing select private clients for transformation, coaching, outings, fantasy sessions, and socialization opportunities in a cozy private enclave she calls her Parlor.

Ms. Ava finds fulfillment in helping men and TGs increase their life balance, renew their vigor, expand their horizons, and/or find their authentic selves through cross-dressing and gender play sessions.

In case you’re wondering, she is a genetic woman (born female).