New Clients

All new clients have a phone conversation with Ms. Ava and are subject to screening. A one-time deposit of $50 is due when setting your first appointment. (Not applicable to phone clients.)

Questions? Ready to get started? E-mail Ms. Ava or call her at the number above.

Are you interested in socializing with other gurls? Join the Parlor Gurls  

All Clients

All Parlor and phone appointments must be scheduled in advance. No drop-ins, ever. Then…

Treat yourself to any of the following for only $100 per hour:

  • Come to the Parlor to dress and relax with me as your beautiful femme self.
  • Bring your own clothes and accessories, or let me dress you from the shared closet.
  • Get a makeover or practice your own makeup skills.
  • Dish gurl talk, get advice and support, or enjoy intelligent conversation on any topic you choose (in person or by phone).
  • Pose for photos on your camera or mine.
  • Take me as your companion for public outings and events.*
*For public outings and events, you pay all expenses for both of us (meals, transportation, tickets, etc.) in addition to the hourly rate. There is a surcharge for Friday and Saturday nights past 7 p.m. and weeknights past 11 p.m.

Additional Services

Bring a Friend and Dress Together: Add $50/hour (both must be screened and approved)
Bring Your Wife or Female Partner: No extra charge
Storage of Personal Items: $25/month and up
Package Receipt Service: Inquire
Professional Photographer: Inquire

Tactile, Fantasy, Sensation, Role Play Sessions: Contact Ms. Ava for information and pricing.