Gifts for Ms. Ava and/or the Parlor

I love receiving useful and/or beautiful gifts from gurls near and far—you’ll put a smile on my face all day! It’s an ideal way to express appreciation and support my work at the Parlor. Here are a few ideas:

Wish Lists

Amazon Wish List: Personal Gifts for Ms. Ava (being updated; coming soon)
Amazon Wish List: Gifts for the Parlor Closet (being updated; coming soon)
Amazon Wish List: Toys and Miscellaneous Goodies (being updated; coming soon)

Gift Cards

Send gift cards through or Amazon  to the e-mail address [email protected]

Cash Gifts for Treats and Expenses

Whether it’s for sexy shoes or lingerie, a movie, a massage, the electric bill, rejuvenating skin care, or a bucket list star-gazing trip, the flexibility of your cash gifts means a lot to me. Options for sending are:

Offline (no digital trail): Buy a MoneyPak card (available at most drugstore chains, Walmart, Office Depot, etc) and text me a picture of the numbers off the back.

Online: Sent a generic gift card through to the address [email protected]  I can use it  the same as cash.

Paypal: Contact me for my PayPal link.

Personal Care

Pamper me with a mani-pedi, hair color and style, and glass of  pinot noir at my favorite salon on Los Olas Blvd. (~$250): Send a cash gift (see above) earmarked for that purpose in the note. I’ll send you pictures from the pedicure chair.

Give me the gift of health and more free time with a meal plan from DeliverLean. If their gift card page isn’t working, send a cash gift with the purpose earmarked.  I’ll send you a pic of my pleasure as I savor one of those meals.

Other Gifts

I love surprises! If you want to buy something special for me and/or the Parlor, contact me for the shipping address.

I’d especially like sexy dresses, shoes, and electronics (new phone, laptop, and flatscreen smart TV to hang in the Parlor.)

Ms. Ava’s Sizes and Preferences

Shoe size: 7.5W or 8
Dress size: 6
Height: 5’4”
Bust: 36
Waist: 27
Hips: 36

Favorite colors: Deep jewel tones: dark red, emerald green, royal purple, black, white. No pastels. Ever.

Jewelry: More silver than gold. Clip-on style for large earrings. Ring size: 7

Preferred cosmetics: Mac, Sephora

Birthday: December 1